Sustainable solutions for last-mile logistics in grip of e-commerce boom

The global move towards net-zero carbon emissions is leaving freight companies trying to achieve the seemingly impossible: increasing delivery levels in a sustainable way. Companies are looking for ways to create sustainable last mile delivery options that are more efficient, less expensive and more eco-friendly.

These include:

Local fulfilment One of the best ways to achieve fast, low-cost and sustainable delivery is to put inventory as close as possible to the customer.

Collaboration A more sustainable last-mile will require thoughtful collaboration across the ecosystem. Cross-ecosystem data sharing via the cloud is also critical.

Incentivise greener choices Last-mile must make consumers more aware of the environmental impact of delivery options, and be more transparent by offering greener delivery choices at checkout.

Rethink asset use For example, delivery companies could provide access to one another’s networks, including fulfilment, open locker, and pick-up and drop-off locations.

Harness data and analytics With real-time data and insights into consumer preferences and purchasing patterns, companies can innovate and optimise inventory and route management for a lower last-mile carbon footprint.

The soaring price of petrol has driven many operators to explore ways to reduce fuel consumption. When fuel goes up by as much as 50%, companies can’t pass all that extra cost on to customers, so they’re more willing to make hard decisions to create efficiencies in their operations.

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