How to keep sustainability a focus of your supply chain

With complex supply chain and procurement operations attempting to cope with tight budgets, complex chains and a growing regulatory need for sustainability, leaders are currently spinning more plates than ever as they try to effectively balance supply chain demands.

No matter a company’s maturity, the best place to start is to understand what the supply chain looks like. This includes the number of tiers, the variety of suppliers and what they supply, and what the knock-on emissions are for those materials.

Increased transparency and collaboration between every link in the supply chain will build the foundation for success. Free-flowing data and total visibility informs these proactive decisions and enables leaders to balance sustainability and scalability effectively.

Ideally, all these partners, processes, and data would exist together in one collaborative space without silos, enabling the company to model changes in real-time and optimise processes.

Ensuring sustainability and resiliency involves the buy-in of partners to share data and work together. This also benefits them, creating a more sustainable ecological and business environment.

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